Bachelor Degree in Theology


Bachelor Degree in Theology


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Unlock transformative understanding with our 60-credit Bachelor Degree in Theology. Ideal for Ministry Diploma holders, this program prepares you for ordained ministry or societal engagement. Delve deep into the Bible, explore theological methods, and develop skills for impactful ministry.

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Unlock Your Spiritual Journey: Bachelor Degree in Theology


Embark on a profound spiritual journey with our Bachelor Degree in Theology, a comprehensive 60-credit program designed for students with a completed Diploma in Ministry or an equivalent of 60 credit hours. This program not only prepares students for ordained ministry in Christian churches and Bible Colleges but also equips them for broader engagement in society.

Upon successful completion, students will delve deep into the exploration of the Bible, seeking answers to profound questions about the connection between humanity and God. They will grasp the methods of Biblical, historical, and systematic theology as foundational knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the Christian religion and its interpretation of the universe.

Our program empowers students to serve in various ministries, whether within local churches, missions, or other impactful roles, developing essential abilities and virtues for their calling and career. With an emphasis on providing an in-depth Biblical foundation, graduates will acquire the values, knowledge, and skills necessary to effectively serve in church ministry.

Engage in systematic study of the Scriptures and theology, gaining exposure to current theological issues that foster independent, Biblical, and constructive thinking in vital areas of ministry. Explore the evolution of Christian doctrine and examine the texts, beliefs, and histories of religious groups. Learn to interpret, understand, and question these aspects, enriching your theological perspective.

Enrol now in our Bachelor Degree in Theology program, where your spiritual and academic journey converges, unlocking a path to transformative understanding and impactful ministry.

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  • Disclaimer: Mustard Seed Tree acts solely as a universal satellite college. Graduates are strongly advised to register their qualifications with a regulating authority within their own country.
  • (i.e South African graduates can register at The Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP) All courses offered by Mustard Seed Tree are TAI accredited.









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