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Welcome to Mustard Seed Tree!

At Mustard Seed Tree, we are dedicated to nurturing hope and healing for those navigating mental health challenges. As a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO), our mission is rooted in compassion, understanding, and empowerment.

Whether you’re seeking support for yourself or a loved one, or looking to contribute to our cause, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our community is here to provide a safe space for growth, and recovery.

Explore our resources, connect with our passionate team, and join us in making a change.

  • The “Verified by Psychology Today” seal means that a professional’s license or credential has been verified.
  • The professional’s name, contact details, and license or accreditation are up to date and in good standing.
  • Psychology Today re-verifies credentials whenever they expire and are renewed.
  • Outside the U.S., therapists are typically regulated by professional associations rather than the government.

We Offer Free Counselling to:

For personalized support outside of this criteria, we offer private counselling sessions at a nominal fee . Proceeds from these sessions contribute to our ongoing mission of supporting those in need.


Free Counselling only available to South African applicants.    

Terms & Conditions Apply        


Free Consultation

Wondering if counseling is right for you? Take the guesswork out with our quick 10-minute consultation—it’s on us!

Whether you need advice, a listening ear, or just want to see how we can help, we’re here.

Give us a call and let’s start this journey together!

📞 Dial +27 62 184 8866 or click the Whatsapp button and let’s chat! Your first step towards feeling better is just a call away

 Rates- 1 Hour 

Online Counselling Session

Currency Price
South African Rand (ZAR) 600
US Dollar (USD) 33
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 45
British Pound (GBP) 29
Euro (EUR) 30
Australian Dollar (AUD) 59



Planting Seeds of Prosperity

Marriage Counselling

Trauma & Abuse Counselling

Addiction Counselling

Depression & Anxiety Counselling

Our Approach


— Empower

We empower survivors by delving into their experiences, uncovering the roots of abuse, and guiding them toward a transformative journey, armed with newfound life and survival skills.


— Networking

Collaborating with certified and lay counsellors, social workers, shelters, safe houses, pastors, and compassionate churches, we build strong networks dedicated to assisting abused women and their families.


— Fortify

We strengthen our clients by unveiling latent life skills, addressing the core issues, and offering counselling services tailored for men, women, and children.


— Educate

Providing educational opportunities ranging from Certificates & Diplomas to Doctorate Degrees, we establish a foundation for comprehensive care, ensuring our clients receive the best support moving forward.


— Caring Haven

Offering safe havens wherever possible, we establish connections with shelters and places of safety, providing temporary protection and refuge for those in need.


— Consult

Beyond crisis intervention, we extend support for underlying issues through counselling services. Mustard Seed Tree is a resource for everyone, including those who may be exhibiting abusive behaviour.

Theresa Elizabeth
Theresa Elizabeth
willem steyn
willem steyn
Angelique Scholtz
Angelique Scholtz
Since I have seen what the Mustard Seed Tree has done for people and still do and how they saved lifes, winning souls for Jesus Christ of Nazareth, bringing people closer to God I just want to give all the glory, honor and praise to God and give a beautiful review because I have seen many things you have done for people. May God continue to protect and guide you through this journey of the Mustard Seed Tree and may you continue to grow. Let's go Mustard Seed Tree 🤩🫡🥳💙💛
Charles McKenzie
Charles McKenzie
True dedication in assisting those in need of support.
Sebastian Deyzel
Sebastian Deyzel
A very bright light in dark times.
Lana Mack
Lana Mack
I have seen many Phycologists in my life time growing up with abuse in an orphanage then been molested.I wish I had met with Marina a long ago.So much makes more sense to me now. Thank you Mustard Seed Tree.🙏🌹 Lana
Petro Mc Kenzie
Petro Mc Kenzie
Mustard Seed Tree is a caring organization that provides crucial counseling for battered and homeless women and children. Over the years I've listened to their lives on TikTok and seen wonderful praise about them. On LinkedIn I saw people jumping in, creating activities to assist this cause. Heartfelt. I'll rate them 5 stars, because they've done only good since the very start.
I have the privilege to know Marinda Somerton as a friend So wat she put in time efforts helping hand healing everything she does she does with our Vader in the steer she got amazing counselors helping were she can not, time and efforts to grow all the time she is been doing counseling to many and more Mustard Seed Tree is an grate place to begin a new life
Bean Counter
Bean Counter
Very understanding people who go the extra mile to help with my grief and depression.
Shaun Schutte
Shaun Schutte


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