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Planting Seeds of Prosperity

The Mustard Seed Tree provides an abundance of valuable information and support to accompany you on your path to healing. This resource is easily accessible, ensuring that it reaches those who need it most.

Abuse Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Addiction Counselling

Mental Health Issues

Our Approach


— Empower

We empower survivors by delving into their experiences, uncovering the roots of abuse, and guiding them toward a transformative journey, armed with newfound life and survival skills.


— Networking

Collaborating with certified and lay counsellors, social workers, shelters, safe houses, pastors, and compassionate churches, we build strong networks dedicated to assisting abused women and their families.


— Fortify

We strengthen our clients by unveiling latent life skills, addressing the core issues, and offering counselling services tailored for men, women, and children.


— Educate

Providing educational opportunities ranging from Certificates & Diplomas to Doctorate Degrees, we establish a foundation for comprehensive care, ensuring our clients receive the best support moving forward.


— Caring Haven

Offering safe havens wherever possible, we establish connections with shelters and places of safety, providing temporary protection and refuge for those in need.


— Consult

Beyond crisis intervention, we extend support for underlying issues through counselling services. Mustard Seed Tree is a resource for everyone, including those who may be exhibiting abusive behaviour.


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