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we help

  • abused people
  • depressed people
  • suicidal people
  • those who wants to heal and be better

Mustard Seed Tree

Planting Seeds of Prosperity

We provide resources and educate, empowering more people to help those who cannot right now, help themselves.

We work pro bono. Your donations keeps us going

The Mustard Seed Tree NPO

What We Do


β€” We Counsel

We counsel abused people, getting to the root of it all, to ideally set them on a new course in life equipped with life and survival skills they never knew of before.


β€” We Build Networks

We work with registered and lay counsellors, social workers, shelters, places of safety, safe houses, pastors and churches wanting to help abused women and their families.


β€” We Strengthen

We equip our counsellees with a set of life skills they never knew they had. We get to the root of the problem. We counsel husbands, wives, men, women, children.


β€” We Educate

We provide a college with Certificate & Diplomas, Bachelors Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, Honours Degrees, Masters Degrees, to provide best care going forward.


β€” We Provide Care

Where possible we provide safe houses. We also have contact with shelters or other places of safety for temporary protection and shelter.


β€” We Consult

You don’t have to be in danger for us to assist with any underlying issues you may need counselling for. Mustard Seed Tree is there for everyone. Even the abuser.

Angela, a survivor of gun and domestic violence, and her two sons

In my case, it started as verbal abuse. I’d known my partner for 20 years and he was a good person.

(the link below is to another website)

Elizabeth, gun and domestic violence survivor. Her daughter was killed by her ex-partner

His behaviour changed rapidly. I know I should have recognized it, but when you’re inside a situation it’s hard to get perspective.

(the link below is to another website)



These companies help enable us to assist every person requesting counselling via this website.
We desperately need more.
Speak to one of our Fund Raisers, or set it up yourself via the Recurring Donations page.

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