About Mustard Seed Tree


 Our Symbol: A Tree of Faith

Welcome to Mustard Seed Tree, a resilient non-profit organization  dedicated to empowering lives and fostering growth. Rooted in faith and guided by a commitment to inclusivity, we stand as a beacon of hope for individuals navigating the complexities of mental health. Mustard Seed Tree draws its inspiration from the symbolism of a robust tree, representing the unwavering faith that anchors our mission. The branches of our organization reach far and wide, nurturing the seeds of support and empowerment abundantly.

A Compassionate Oasis

Regardless of gender, religious convictions or social status; Mustard Seed Tree extends a compassionate outreach to those affected by mental health difficulties. We understand that the path to healing is diverse, acknowledging the experiences of both women and men who have faced adversity. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment where counselees find solace and empowerment.

Empowering Through Education

More than just a refuge, Mustard Seed Tree operates as a knowledge base for the future. We believe in building lasting change through education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist others on their journey to recovery. Our focus goes beyond immediate assistance, striving to create a community that actively contributes to the well-being of all.

Our Promise of Support

Mustard Seed Tree not only provides a nurturing space for healing but also promises a continuum of care. We stand firm in our belief that mental health support should be accessible to all, and our free and affordable counselling services align with this ethos. Our counsellors, deeply committed to empowering lives, walk alongside individuals on their journey to healing.

We offer Free Counselling which is subject to affordability

Eligigble persons include:

Disabled Individuals,


Indigent Persons

Homeless Individuals

Unemployed individuals



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