Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship


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Students wanting to enter the 60-credit Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship
program must have completed a Diploma in Ministry or an equivalent of 60 credit hours.

The Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship degree prepares students either for ordained ministry in a Christian church, or for a wider engagement in society.

Upon the successful completion of the Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship program, the students should be able to:

Ø provide an in-depth Biblical foundation to supply the values, knowledge and skills needed to effectively serve in the market place
Ø formulate essential principles and ethics of Christianity
Ø understand that the Christian lifestyle provides spirit-led opportunities entrepreneurship
Ø apply Biblical principles that will set others free from a poverty mindset
Ø know that it is God’s will to bless His people so that they can bless others and that believers are called to bless the nations
Ø formulate the best business practices and timeless Biblical principles to ensure success and wealth
Ø know that marketplace leaders exists to help men and women discover and fulfil God’s unique and complete purposes through their workplace calling
Ø understand that God uses marketplace ministry typically to evangelize the secular workplace as opposed to homes, churches, or specialized venues
Ø know that any Christian can fulfil their desire to serve God in the workplace


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