Natural Baby Massage Oil (100ml)


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100% Natural Baby Massage Oil

You can calm and soothe your baby with relaxing baby massage. Your baby, especially after birth is stressed from the new environment. Massaging your baby helps them relieve that stress, it also has many other benefits for them.

Massaging your baby the benefits:

  • Improving weight gain.
  • Aiding digestion.
  • Improving circulation.
  • And eases teething pain.

Massage is a great way for you and your partner to bond with your baby.

Using an oil will make it easier for your hands to glide over your baby’s delicate skin and help make your baby feel more relaxed.

While a gentle massage will calm and soothe your baby, the natural oils will nourish their skin.

Especially beneficial for babies with dry skin or eczema.

B•O•N Baby Natural Massage Oil is a gentle formulation of natural Grape Seed and Rose Hip Oils. It is 100% natural, plant based and fragrance-free, and contains no parabens or colourants. Suitable for sensitive & newborn skin.

For B•O•N’s Baby Massage routine, please see the “How to Use” tab.

How To Use

CHEST – Make sure that your baby is comfortable, warm and relaxed. Place both of your hands gently together in the middle of your baby’s chest. Stroke outwards from middle to shoulders. Trace a heart shape, moving your hands up towards baby’s shoulders, around, down and back together.

ARMS & LEGS – Make a loose circle C-shape around your baby’s arm or leg with your forefinger and thumb. Use a very gentle pulling motion to pull downward towards baby’s foot or hand, as though you were milking a cow. Repeat this motion several times.

FEET – Next, cradle your baby’s foot in your hands. Use your thumbs to stroke over the sole of the foot, from heel to toes, one thumb after another. This can be done on the top of your baby’s foot. Then gently squeeze and rub each toe between your thumb and finger.

BACK – Using your fingertips to stroke gently up and down either side of your baby’s spine from waist to shoulder. Remember to always keep one hand on your baby whilst massaging.


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