Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies

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Students wanting to enter the Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies program must have completed a Doctor of Ministry Degree or an equivalent of 196 credit hours.

The main purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies is to help the student develop the skills to do philosophy from a Christian worldview. The skills necessary for the craft of philosophy will be developed by equipping the student to think critically, conduct high-level philosophical research, and interact with the broader philosophical community. The program is aimed at developing the ability to do philosophy in various ministry programs such as theology, church ministry counseling, ethics, etc.

Upon the successful completion of the Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies, the students should be able to:

Ø Constructively defend research outcomes.
Ø Carry out and present original work of research in their discipline.
Ø Communicate the major tenets of their field and their work orally and in writing for students, peers and supervising professors.
Ø Explain and identify open problems and areas needing development in their fields.
Ø Communicate effectively within diverse contexts.
Ø Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in and a general mastery of their major area of specialization.
Ø Contribute to the body of knowledge in the field through research and publications.
Ø Demonstrate a capacity to produce original, publication-worthy research and writing that contributes to the knowledge and advancement of the field.
Ø Relate sophisticated philosophical material acquired during the program for use in the local church and popular culture.
Ø Learn the importance of professional learned societies and how to submit papers to conferences and professional meetings.
Ø Become familiar with the world of academic publishing.
Ø Minister effectively in academic, local church and parachurch settings with a spirit of graciousness and humility, standing for truth and fostering community with those to whom the student ministers.
Ø Construct coherent arguments and articulate ideas clearly to a range of audiences, formally and informally through a variety of techniques.



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