Doctor of Ministry Degree

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Students wanting to enter the Doctor of Ministry Degree program must have completed a Master’s Degree or an equivalent of 156 credit hours.

The Doctor of Ministry degree offers pastors, missionaries and leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth. The student will be equipped for a higher level of competent practice of ministry than that achieved in the foundation work

Upon the successful completion of the Doctor of Ministry Degree the students should be able to:

Ø demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practice of personal spiritual formation
Ø gain knowledge of leadership development, personal leadership styles, the art of spiritual leadership, and learn how to apply this knowledge in ministry practice
Ø study historical and contemporary church movements and reflect on contemporary concerns in the practice of ministry
Ø be able to apply their knowledge in local ministry practice and will make a contribution to the greater Christian community
Ø demonstrate an advanced comprehension of the Biblical and theological foundations that inform Christian ministry
Ø demonstrate an advanced functioning as integrative, reflective practitioners of ministry
Ø develop greater professional competence in the practice of ministry
Ø demonstrate increased ability to integrate classical theological studies with functional studies in the context of the practice of ministry
Ø demonstrate a deep understanding of their personal and ministry strengths and weaknesses
Ø demonstrate enhanced competency in social/cultural analysis for ministry in the global context
Ø integrate a greater understanding of Scripture into various ministry contexts
Ø demonstrate advanced integration of Biblical and pastoral disciplines pertaining to ministry in the church



Download and Complete the Manual Application Forms:


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