Candida Remedy Capsules


This is good for: candida, fungal infection, IBS, parasites, yeast infection

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Ingredients / Amount per serving:

Sodium Bicarbonate 878mg
Coral Calcium 43,4mg
Black Walnut Hull 21mg
Wormwood 21mg

Candida albicans is a fungal infection that affects the mucus membranes of the mouth and vagina. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast that lives in every one of us. A weakened immune system allows this overgrowth. The body’s pH balance is also of vital importance. It suffices to say that we were designed with excellent defences for keeping this unpleasant invader at bay. When one or more of our defence systems is not functioning correctly, Candida is able to proliferate.

Some of the causes of yeast overgrowth:

  • Amalgam (black) dental fillings

  • Antibiotic use

  • Antifungal drugs

  • Cortisone use

  • Dentures (provide sites for yeast growth)

  • Diabetes

  • Immune suppressing sedatives

  • Stress

  • The pill

  • Yeast based foods

There are many seemingly unrelated symptoms of yeast overgrowth that cause much distress in many people today.

Some of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth:

We at Natra-Heal Remedies have formulated a powerful remedy that will assist in balancing the body so that Candida may be eliminated.





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