Bronchitis Remedy Tincture


This is good for: bronchitis, chest, cough

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Ingredients / Amount per serving:

Coltsfoot 26%
Lungwort 21%
Lobelia 21%
Comfrey 16%
Liquorice 11%
Echinacea 5%

A herbal remedy for Inflammation of the Bronchitis. Bronchitis is useful for the treatment of bronchial inflammation, coughing spells, whooping cough, and phlegm in the bronchial tracts.


Bronchitis manifests in two possible forms, acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. The symptoms would normally start the same as a cold but progress until painful coughing, wheezing, chest and throat pains are experienced. Large quantities of mucus (containing puss) is produced. If the infection spreads to the bronchioles oxygen starvation may occur with its resultant problems. Chronic bronchitis is longer term and is recognized by the production of large quantities of mucus. Chronic bronchitis is a common cause of death amongst the young, weak and elderly. Some of the factors influencing this infection may be smoking, damp and cold climate, respiratory infections or damage, and even obesity. If not treated quickly bronchial damage may occur which may cause chronic breathlessness.

Bronchitis remedy is helpful for all bronchial and lung conditions, especially when coughing and mucus are present.

CAUTION:  Liquorice can increase blood pressure





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