Blocked Fallopian Tubes Tincture


This is good for: blocked fallopian, conceiving, fertility, pregnancy problems, tubes

Ingredients / Amount per serving:

Ladies Mantle 20%
Chaste Tree Berries 20%
Sage 15%
Yarrow 15%
Motherwort 15%
Black Cohosh 10%
Horsetail 5%

Fallopian tubes or uterine tubes are a pair of tubes about 10-12 cm long and lead from the ovary to the uterus. Where the tubes begin at the ovary they are funnel-shaped with finger-like projections called fimbriae. This funnel is not connected directly to the ovary but is open in the abdominal cavity. When an egg is released from the ovary it is captured by the fimbriae and guided down the fallopian tube into the uterus through a narrow opening. Fertilization takes place within the outer third of the fallopian tube if a sperm penetrates the ovum.

Salpingitis is the most common disorder of the fallopian tubes and is believed to be implicated in about 20% of infertility cases. Usually caused by a pelvic infection the tubes become inflamed and if the inflammation continues for an extended period the tubes become obstructed. This obstruction either stops the sperm from reaching the eggs or does not allow the egg to reach the uterus.

We have formulated a powerful combination of herbs that are designed to remove inflammation in the fallopian tubes and ease the passage of sperm and eggs.





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