Black Walnut Tincture


This is good for: lactic acid, papilloma, parasites, poison ivy, ringworm, sensory perception, skin fungus, vaginal infection, warts, worms

Ingredients / Amount per serving:

Black Walnut Hulls – 100%

Black walnut hull extracts are made using the green hulls which surround the nut of the black walnut. Black walnut hull extract is an age-old remedy that has been used for centuries for the elimination and control of parasites from the body.

Who should use Black walnut hull tincture?

Most people today have parasites and worms in their bodies today. Many diseases are caused by parasites and an anti-parasite program should be at the starting point of every health program. Black walnut hull tincture may be used by itself and is very effective but used as part of our parasite program it becomes even more effective (see the parasite de-toxification program).


Most people are living with parasites in their bodies which are sapping their energy and causing many diseases such as some forms of cancer. If you want to feel and be better a parasite program is vital for your health. Black walnut hull tincture is the starting point and may change your life.





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