Acid Remedy Tincture


This is good for: acid, digestion, gout, heartburn, rheumatism, stomach
Heartburn, indigestion, metabolic acidosis, gout, arthritis & rheumatism

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Acid Remedy Tincture

Ingredients / Amount per serving:

Slippery Elm 25%
Lemon balm 25%
Peppermint 20%
Turmeric 10%
Celery 10%
Ginger 10%

We have formulated Acid Remedy using all-natural herbs that help to balance your pH so that you will be in a position of better health. Not only does it assist with acid reflux and the consequent heartburn but it also helps to balance your bodily pH. The one thing that many conditions ranging from cancer to parasites thrive on is an acidic body. By taking it on a daily basis as instructed on the label you will position yourself where better health is possible.

Acidity (pH)


May be used for acidity, arthritis, heartburn, indigestion and rheumatism. It will assist many other health problems and also balance your pH.





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